The Universal QSYer KeyPad

Now works with both ICOM and selected Yaesu and Kenwood radios!

Now Available As An Easy to Build Kit!!!

The Universal QSYer allows users of virtually all ICOM radios, as well as the Yaesu FT-817, FT-857, FT-897, FT857 radios and the Kenwood TS-440 radio to directly enter frequencies and perform a range of other functions. This keypad is indispensable to those operators who own very small radios (such as the IC-706 series, the FT-100, and the FT-817) that don't have their own panel keypads and those operators who are visually impaired. Frankly, if you are operating one of these radios in a mobile or portable environment without one of these keypads, you are working way too hard.

The keypad performs a number of functions. First, of course, it allows you to directly enter frequencies into the radio. You can enter the frequency as either kHz or MHz and the keypad will figure out which you intended. Thus, to QSY to 14.254 MHz, you can enter either 14254 or 14*254. You can also omit any trailing zeros. Thus, to go to the bottom of the 40 meter band, you simply enter the 7 digit followed by the enter key. The keypad also knows which mode to switch the radio to. If you enter a frequency in the SSB portion of the 20 meter band, it knows to switch the radio to USB. If you enter a frequency in the SSB portion of the 40 meter band, it knows to switch to LSB. For the CW band segments it automatically switches to CW. Enter a 2 meter repeater frequency, and it switches to FM. Enter a frequency in the FM broadcast band, and it switches to WFM. The keypad itself uses high quality full-travel (not membrane) keys and emits a pleasant beep whenever a key is pressed.

The keypad performs a number of other functions as well. When operating with an ICOM or Kenwood radio, It can immediately select any numbered memory in your radio. To go to memory number 15, for example, you simply enter A15. (This feature is not available on the Yaesu models because of the way Yaesu has designed it's computer control system.) It also allows you to switch between the two VFOs on most radios (not the IC-728 or some other older model ICOMs) with a single keystroke. Simple keystrokes also allow you to switch between the VFO and memory modes. When operating with a Yaesu radio, you can change the repeater shift from the keypad, or step through the various modes on the radio.

The keypad is designed to be operated from an internal 9 volt battery when connected to an ICOM or Kenwood radio and requires no power at all when connected to a Yaesu radio. It's power consumption is now so low (under 10 microamps when idling) that it should run for at least months on a single battery.

Switching the keypad between radios is quite simple. To change the keypad to FT-817 (FT-897, FT 857) mode, for example, simply type: **817. To switch to FT-100 mode, type: **100 To switch to ICOM mode, type **0XX where XX is the CI-V address of your radio. Thus the keypad can easily be carried from the IC-756 in your house, to the IC-706 in your car to the FT-817 when you go backpacking without missing a beat.

The keypad includes one cable to connect to the computer jack on your radio. When ordering, please specify whether you want the ICOM, Yaesu or Kenwood cable. Additional cables are available for $5 each, if ordered with the keypad.

This keypad is now available as an easy to build kit!

The Universal QSYer is available in a wired and tested version for $90 plus shipping anywhere in the World. It is also available as a complete kit. This kit includes of the parts necessary to build exactly the same product that is sold wired and tested. The enclosure is pre-drilled so that no cutting or plastic work is required. The circuitboard has very few parts and makes an excellent beginner's kit. Step by step instructions are included. To build the kit you will need a soldering iron (30 watts or less) and a hot glue gun (the type that can be picked up a stores like WalMart for under $3.

Download the Operating Manual

Download the Assembly Manual

The Universal QSYer can be ordered from John Hansen, 49 Maple Avenue, Fredonia, NY 14063. Payment may be made by personal check or money order. If you order by mail, please add $5 for shipping. Alternatively, if you have access to the Internet you can place an order electronically using MasterCard or Visa by using PayPal. This may be particularly convenient for those wishing to place orders from foreign countries. For further information contact John Hansen, W2FS at the above address or at

Universal QSYer with ICOM Cable - Kit - $75

Universal QSYer with Yaesu Cable - Kit - $75

Universal QSYer - Wired and Tested with ICOM Cable $105

Universal QSYer - Wired and Tested with Yaesu Cable $105

Extra Cable for ICOM - $7

Extra Cable for Yaesu - $7